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Getting Your Copier Repaired Doesn’t Have to Suck

Finding a Multi-Function Copier Repair NYC Service You Can Trust Isn’t Always Easy

We know the story. No matter how your copier stopped working, your Accounts Payable Department can’t get this month’s invoice printed until you fix it.

The problem is that while you might have some IT experience, you’ve looked under the hood of the copier and still couldn’t pinpoint the issue. Paper isn’t jammed, the Toner is full, and Connectivity to the copier isn’t the issue.

Your heart sinks a little because you’re going to have to call the experts and the last Multifunction Copier Repair NYC service you tried didn’t deliver much service or repair.

We Like to compare copier and printer repair to bring your car to a mechanic. Unless you’ve found one that you trust wholeheartedly, you’re always going to be worried that you’re being taken advantage of. There have been countless stories of clients who have had their copier repaired only to realize it breaks with a slightly different problem a few days later.

How can you find a copier repair service that knows what they’re doing, you ask? Here are a few tips to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Whoever you decide to go with, we recommend not doing a Google search and just dial the first number you see. Take an hour or two to select a copier repair service if you’re not happy with your current service provider or whoever you dialed the previous time.

It can be pretty irritating when you need to complete a significant print and your copier fails to work. To make things worse, you get an error or warning messages all over your screen. In an attempt to bail oneself out of the situation, we try to open up the paper tray to see if we can fix it. Once we conclude that we don’t have any idea about the problem, it’s time to ask for help from a trained professional. In other words, we have to see the help of a printer and copier repair service.

NYC copier repair

Look for Expertise

Printers today are complicated, we know that. Once you get passed the easy fixes in removing jams and proper cleaning, it’s hard to confidently diagnose the issue since digital copiers combine thousands of moving parts with software. Look for service technicians who are certified, particularly for the brand of copier that you need to be fixed. All copiers perform the same functions, but would you take your Honda to a mechanic specializing in BMW’s? Yeah, we didn’t think so. The same principle applies to copiers. Look for manufacturer-specific expertise.

Look for Reviews/Ask for References

Everybody can be reviewed in this day in age. Quickly do a search online to find company reviews. If you’re investigating a longer-term maintenance contract, ask for references too.

Get a Quote

Sometimes, the cost of repair is more than the copier is even worth! We’ve all reached the tipping point on a car where the cost of repairs lead us to decide it was time to invest in a new vehicle. If your office equipment is being repaired with increasing frequency, it’s time to ask for a quote on a new or leased copier.

If you’re looking for multi-function copier repair NYC Services, give us a call or contact us¬†today!

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