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Service Contracts

Protect Your Investment With a Service Contract from FineStar Imaging

FineStar Imaging is proud to provide an annual printer service contract for all brands and models. Under our yearly printer service contract, customers can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they have a safety net, and are covered for any and all issues that arise with their equipment. With a yearly maintenance contract for your printer, our customers can feel free to pick up the phone and open a service call without finding out prices for service and getting approval for repairs.

The Advantages Of A Service Plan

Printer service plan holders from FineStar Imaging include the following benefits:

  • Reduced service wait times which means reduced printer downtime
  • No surprise hidden fees
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Certified Technicians

Equipment, such as printer and copier equipment, requires regular maintenance and periodical cleaning to help maintain your equipment at peak performance and efficiency. We provide both yearly and a per month service contracts to keep your office equipment running smoothly. Customers under a service contract always receive priority service to ensure minimal downtime.

All of our service contracts provide you with a safety net throughout the entire year so that you’ll be guaranteed restoration of your imaging productivity in the quickest time possible so that you can rest easy and be assured that your company will save money, time and frustration. You can feel free to call FineStar to dispatch a free technician to your place of business to assess and give you an estimate for a custom service contract or service agreement.

Our certified technicians always offer new clients the option for using an annual service contract at the completion of an assessment of a fax, printer or copier repair so that you can minimize any unneeded future expenses and so that you have options for future repairs and printer maintenance.

Contact us today and learn more about FineStar’s annual maintenance agreements.

At FineStar Imaging, our technicians repair, service and maintain copiers for businesses. We provide fast, reliable, on-site copier repairs and service. We know that copier breakdown can be one of the most stressful situations in the office. Printing and copying stops and productivity drops, while calls, payments, and errands have to be made to get the machine working again.

If you have your own in office machine, work out a repair service agreement with a trusted company like us to avoid the hassles of maintaining business equipment.

A floor-standing copier with a medium load can last for up to five years, but may start having problems as early as its second or third year of use. This creates problems for businesses, since copiers are needed for almost all kinds of business processes from producing materials for meetings to the creation of marketing collateral. To add fuel to the fire, fixing the machine steals time away from productive work, and can even cost the company if the equipment is improperly repaired and ends up getting damaged.

Canon Copier Repair

Canons are considered by some to be “delicate machines” despite their capacity for significant volumes of print. This is due to the complicated circuitry used in machines needed to deliver versatile function at a fast pace. The common problems that occur are:

  • Black streaks on page
  • Overheating
  • Noises
  • Code error (more common with large digital copiers)

Your business’s copier maintenance is performed by our technicians, who have been trained and certified. FineStar Imaging, only the most competent and reliable technicians are employed, ensuring that each client receives top-notch repair and maintenance service. Expert care is taken so that expensive equipment such as your Canon copier remains working as efficiently as you business.


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