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Lexmark Printer and Copier Repair in New York City

Different keep your Lexmark printers producing clear and sharp printouts

Keep your Lexmark printer producing clear and sharp printouts with simple solutions. Having a sharp and clear printout can mean the difference between a good or bad day. Many of us have had problems with printers before – turning in an essay to your professor that had different shades of colors, or handing in a copy for your team meeting and some words are faded.

These are typical printing problems and there are easy ways to make sure your Lexmark printer works perfectly. A common problem most people get is when their printer loses quality. This happens because they don’t often check if everything is working properly. For example, an ink cartridge might spew out a different shade of color they had intended or sometimes the text becomes faded.A simple solution to this is to clean out your ink cartridge because it might be clogged from constant use. These cleaning programs can be found in your printer’s manual. The cleaning program can not only help clean clogs, it also shows you how much ink is available on your Lexmark printer.

Frequently running the cleaning program is a great preventative measure making sure you never have to deal with UNEXPECTED printer problems. Such a simple task can easily mean the difference between having a good day or a bad day. Sometimes the cleaning program might not be enough. You might have used the cleaning program before and your Lexmark printers are still not at its best. A common cause for this is an accumulation of dust inside your printers. Dust can be very harmful to your Lexmark printers because they can cause overheating. Dust can significantly lower the lifespan of your Lexmark printer. Sometimes you might get lucky and all you need is to replace a part. Finding the best and highest quality parts can also be a tiresome experience. There’s no escaping dust accumulation as anyone can carry it near your printers.

Company or personal use, don’t be complacent thinking your Lexmark printer is safe! This is where FineStar does best. At Finestar our technicians are highly qualified to work on all Lexmark printers. We are certified to work on all the Lexmark printers whether they are for your business or personal needs. As New York’s number 1 printer repair service, take advantage of our easy and friendly services. Centrally located enables us to respond quickly to New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties, New Rochelle, White Plains, Staten Island, as well as Connecticut.

Our on-site repair services are offered as an “as-needed,” meaning that it is a one-time repair and we bill you just for the materials and labor for that one fix. That means NO hidden or surprise fees later! To provide the highest quality service we can provide you, we use original manufacturer’s parts. Lexmark printers put out highest quality printouts when it is combined with ink cartridges specifically made for it. Original ink cartridges from Lexmark gives you higher yields than standard ink cartridges, saving you money! Along with our one-time repair service, we also have a subscription plan available. This subscription brings a lot of benefits to anyone interested.

A big benefit you gain from subscribing is the ability to call any of our technicians for your Lexmark printer needs no matter how many times you need us.

ANYTIME and ANY REASON – Lexmark Printer Repair

Our friendly and highly qualified technicians understand how unsettling it can get when your Lexmark printers aren’t functioning properly. We make it simple and easy!Once you’ve had your regular maintenance, you’ll feel the confidence knowing that your Lexmark printer is in its highest condition.Our subscription also gives you the highest priority when you need your Lexmark printer fixed bypassing those who don’t have the subscription.Highest priority means less for you to worry – giving you the confidence knowing we have your back. As mentioned before, preventative maintenance is a great way to make sure your Lexmark printers from unexpectedly stop working.

Our Finestar yearly service contract provides you with a scheduled maintenance plan to clean out any accumulated dust.Even when you think you’re Lexmark printers are fine, let us make sure it will give you the best quality printouts for as long as it can.Our subscription is a small investment towards your Lexmark printers because the cost of replacing broken printers with a brand new one can become costly.Replacing parts can cost a lot, not just with money, it’s time-consuming.

Don’t give yourself an avoidable problem, let FineStar make sure your Lexmark printer is taken care of! Visit our website – and find out how you can protect your Lexmark printer today!


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