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A Partnership Your Business Can Benefit From

There are many options when it comes to office equipment. That is why many organizations have a large population of machines from multiple vendors that are often under-utilized, creating unnecessary costs.

One standard for printing, copying, faxing and scanning.When you look at your fleet, the chances are that the company or organization owns huge different printer and copier brands. This is likely due to the fact that the IT department created a standard to minimize network down time and support costs. Now that your copier-based devices connect to your network, it makes sense to extend this same standard to your multifunction systems.

Cost effective device acquisition Unlike high-priced copier based devices that have expensive lease contracts, HP systems are affordable to acquire. For example, where a 45-page-per-minute copier based multifunction system typically costs over $10,000 or $200 per month, the HP LaserJet 4345mfp starts at $2,695, a price so affordable that it gives you the option of purchase along with the option of leasing.

Cost effective operation Copier companies have been responsible for spreading a lot of fear regarding the operation costs of HP printers and multifunction systems. Even a cursory examination, however, shows that those fears are unfounded. While the cost per page of a non-HP copier may be slightly lower, when you factor in the high cost of hardware, you quickly realize that it doesn’t translate into savings for you. Taking into account the savings from our remanufactured cartridges, and you’ll see that an HP actually saves you money. When you consider the Total Cost of Ownership, HP devices simply make sense.

Tight network integration HP has a proven history of seamless integration with your network and computer applications. You can use one Universal Print Driver to run all of your HP devices. With other vendors you need multiple print drivers. This confuses end users, generates potential network conflicts, and drains valuable IT time.

Value added solutions Standardizing on HP output devices lets you harness the power of HP’s management and workflow solutions. WebJet admin gives you one view of all the devices on your network, and workflow solutions integrate paper into your digital workflows. The net result is a more productive operation.

Why FineStar?

FineStar is a Hewlett-Packard Solutions VIP Elite partner, HP’s highest level of partnership – allowing us to bring your business the latest printing and imaging innovations including multifunction systems, printers and software solutions. FineStar is certified to provide Copier Repair Service in Long Island NY and warranty support to HP printers and multifunction systems.

Learn more about how you can enjoy HP printers and multifunction systems as well as Copier Repair Service from FineStar. Contact us today.


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