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Answers to Your Top 5 Copier Repair Questions

Goodness… it’s Monday morning, you have presentations all week, and your copier goes down, leaving you frantic with questions as you look for an office copier repair specialist. Does this sound familiar?

Unfortunately, copier issues and glitches come up constantly, and it most likely appears as though they likewise come up even under the least favorable conditions times, as well.

Managing a messed up office copier isn’t just baffling, but it can significantly affect your business and leave you with long stretches of downtime you can’t afford to lose.

On the off chance that your copier goes down, you’re left with questions on finding the best (and fastest) approaches to get your copier up and running. Along these lines, listen to us, we have you secured with regards to copier repairs and finding the best assistance for your business needs.

Before we dive into the solutions to the top 5 questions you most likely have about office copier repair, we should quickly examine the characteristics that make an incredible office copier repair services organization.

As an owner or decision-maker of a business, your priority should be to find a team of professionals who provide you with the following:

  • Quick Response Times
  • A variety of inventory, stored in their warehouse and vehicles
  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Qualifications and Trained Technicians
  • A High Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • All of the criteria will lead to less downtime and costs associated with copier repair.

Copier Repair: Your Questions Answered

Every business is different, regardless of whether you produce comparable work to the organization not far off. Your business objectives are not the same as them, and the idea of your printed or duplicated information is explicit to your representatives and clients.

However, we’ve discovered there’s a common gathering of inquiries that practically all organizations pose to when their copier goes down, making it simpler for us to give answers to all organizations, close and far, of all shapes and sizes.

copier repair questions

Question #1: A Local Dealer vs. a Manufacturer: Which Is Better?

Picking a manufacturer is a great option on the off chance that you aren’t also stressed over time or cash. A manufacturer is a direct source to go to since they are one of the most knowledgable sources for your straight forward copiers.

Manufacturers commonly troubleshoot or run quick diagnostic tests of your office copier, locate the correct parts, and promptly fix your machine.

A dealer who is locally authorized quite often centers around customer services and support since this is the thing that feeds their business and keeps it running. Local authorized dealers normally have extraordinary associations with copier manufacturers, so they typically have an inventory of parts.

The staff of local authorized dealers is very much prepared on a scope of gadgets, so the service and repairs are normally quick and effective; getting your copier fully operational in a short time.

Questions #2: How Do I Find the Best Copier Repair Services Company Nearest Me?

To be blunt, regardless of what copier you end up with, they all accomplish a similar three things: duplicate, misfeed, and jam. Along these lines, you’re going to require a support contract which is another additional cost.

We’re going to respond to this inquiry with more questions. In any case, these inquiries are ones you ought to think about when searching for copier repair services companies closest to you.

  • Do they offer both a lease or purchase price?
  • What’s the total lease price or the total purchase price?
  • What copier can your business afford?
  • What’s the length and the interest rate on the lease?
  • Is there a buyout at the end of your lease, or do you just keep the copier or printer?
  • What’s the cost of the maintenance contract? How long does it last? And what does it cover?
  • How many service technicians do they have to support your area and how are they trained?
  • How large is their inventory of parts and equipment?

Question #3: What Makes an Office Copier Repair Services Company Better Than the Rest?

As we referenced before, there are such a large number of various and fundamental characteristics in an office copier repair service that you should search for—it can nearly wind up overwhelming to pick the correct one!

Deciding whether an organization is superior to others at times depends upon what you’re searching for and the particular needs of your business.

This is your money, and you reserve the privilege to find the solutions you need from each repair service company you’re considering. Try not to be hesitant to ask intense questions like:

  • Qualifications: How many technicians do you have to service your market and how skilled are they? How many certifications does each of them hold? This is important in making sure you have experts qualified on your equipment.
    Customer Service and Technology: What other technology do you use to ensure you are providing the highest levels of customer service? What is your business reinvesting to support growth over the next five years? (5 years is the average length of a copier lease and or service contract.)
  • Response Time: What’s the average time it took to respond to your customers last year? How accessible is your technical support staff? How many different ways can you reach your support team when you have a problem?
  • Reviews: Do you support other customers in the same industry as yours? If so, how have you helped them? (Ask for some references–your competitors may not want you to know how good their copier company is.)
  • Parts: How much inventory does each of your service technicians carry on their vehicle at any given time? Will they need to make multiple trips to the warehouse to get the right part?
  • NPS: What is your Net Promoter Score (NPS)? (A NPS is how likely your customers are willing to refer you as a company.) This is an important metric that determines if their customers are pleased with their service relationship. Not a lot of people or businesses know what an NPS score is, but large brands do. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Nordstrom all know their scores and measure their performance by it each year.

Question #4: Why Do I Continue to See Lines on My Paper, Wrinkled Pages, Too-Light of Copies, and Experience Paper Jams?

Troubleshooting and tips for common copier malfunctions are our specialties. Take a look at some of our reasons for your most common issues:

  • Copies Aren’t Dark Enough: Density setting errors often cause problems with the color of the copies. If you notice a problem with the copies being either too light or too dark, check the settings on the copier. If they’re correct, check the toner.
  • Wrinkled Pages: Lines on the paper are one thing. Wrinkled pages are another. The fastest way to losing a shot at a promotion is to hand your boss important documents that are wrinkled and crumpled; when this happens, it’s likely due to worn out feed rollers or moisture within the fuser assemblies.
  • Paper Jams: Paper jams are perhaps the most common problem anyone encounters. There are as many potential reasons for a paper jam as you can think of possibilities, but it occurs most frequently because of improperly sized paper and improper loading. By checking these two issues first, you can get the copier working again quickly.
  • Lines on Paper: Nothing is worse than when you have to make duplicates of an important document, yet it prints out with lines and different disfigurements. This can be brought about by foreign substances on the glass or the mirrors inside or can be because of a drum blade malfunction.

Question #5: Is My Office Copier Unable to Perform Well Because of My Offices’ High-Volume Printing Demands?

Do you know how much printing and copying does your business typically does? Some companies only print a few documents per day, while others print hundreds or even thousands.

You might have even purchased or leased your office copier at the start of your small business before you had had a database full of customers. After years of growth, your printing demands most likely changed, and your office copier is now unable to keep up.

It’s essential to learn the specs of the specific make and model of all your office technology devices. You might discover that your current office printers and copiers seem to need repairs simply because they are over-worked and weren’t made to support the high-printing needs of your business.

Your copier is a vital part of your business. It manages the workflow of paper and electronic files and you’re using it to present your customers with information about your products and services to generate revenue or manage the operations of your business.

When it breaks down or is showing the signs of a breakdown, you need to know who to go to. If you’re looking to identify the best copier or printer repair service, be ready to ask questions and research your options ahead of time—don’t wait until it’s too late…when it’s broken down.

At FineStar Imaging, we are proud to provide helpful tools and resources for our current customers, as well as anyone wanting to learn more about office technology equipment. Our drive stems from wanting to learn more of the latest and greatest office equipment to help your business achieve its goals. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today!. We’re here to give you peace of mind, to help you win more business.

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