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Signs You Need to Hire a Copier Repair Service Company

When it comes to having a copier in your office, you know that eventually, it will break down. Just like any machinery made by a human, there will always be a multitude of malfunctions that will happen down the line. You may have a tray that is broken, a nasty paper jam, a flashing warning that appears on the screen or any other copier issue. One thing is for sure, it will come a time where you will need to hire a copier repair service company when copier issues start to occur. A copier repair service company like FineStar Imaging can clean, check, service, and maintain your copier or printer on a regular basis so it functions at all times.

Here are some signs you need to hire a copier repair service company if you expect to see potential problems with your copier:

Unable to Scan

We believe the most important of the copier is obviously the scanner. The purpose of the scanner as you well know is used to scan your documents and at times convert them into digital files. Here are a few things that can go wrong with your scanner:

  • Your paper jams in the trays.
  • Your scanner doesn’t move when copying.
  • Your scanner doesn’t light up.
  • Your print appears to be blank.
  • You just don’t receive a copy.

The Copier Always Needs a Toner Replacement

If your copier runs through toners like it’s candy, you know you have a major issue on your hands. If you see this is happening, it is best to contact a FineStar Imaging Certified Technician to looks into the matter.

The “Call for Service” Indicator Pops Up

When the “Call For Service” Indicator appears on the screen, you know it’s time to call our technicians. We can schedule a visit that fits your time to come over and do a full analysis on your copier. In addition, we do have a remote diagnostic service where we can talk you through the process as well which will save you time and money.

Experiencing Long Wait Times

Wait times for your copier or printer is normal for it can take about one to two minutes for it to get warmed up. However, it takes five minutes or more, it is probably best to contact us immediately to have your copier functional for your business.

At FineStar Imaging, our certified technicians can repair any copier issues you through at them. If you see signs that your copier is not working normally, please contact us and we will send our certification to your location right away.

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