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Benefits of a Printer Repair Service Using OEM Parts

Like most electronics, brand new printers only come with a one year warranty. If your printer is out of warranty and something happens, you will have to perform printer repairs. Begin by calling the professional printer repair service at FineStar Imaging and asking if we repair your type of printer. We will need more information so if there is an error code then have the error code and printer details ready for us to determine what the issue is and how it can be resolved.

It seems that most printers need a maintenance kit, drum replacement, new rollers, or a transfer belt when issues arise. When it comes to parts for your printer, there are a lot of selections to choose from which can be divided into the two categories Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket. While the less expensive price of the aftermarket does seem appealing, OEM parts are ideal for any repair job and are worth the difference in price.

Choosing OEM over aftermarket One of the most popular reasons to choose an aftermarket printer part over an OEM part has to do with the cost. Aftermarket parts are usually much less expensive, which seems like a great idea if you’re on a budget. The problem with that is the lack of a guarantee of quality, fit, and function. OEM products are a perfect match to what’s being replaced and that guarantees function and quality. You’ll be getting the same performance you expect and need from your printer with an OEM replacement part because it was designed and tested under the same rigorous manufacturing standards as the original parts. This means OEM products guarantee compatibility and are made of higher quality materials.

Reconsidering the cost of the OEM part, you can begin to see that while you might be paying more upfront, but you’re investing in a quality part that has the potential to last a lot longer than its aftermarket counterpart. Longevity is a huge key advantage of OEM products not just for the part, but your printer as well. OEM printer parts are specifically designed to perform and fit factory specifications and that will increase the operational life of your printer. With aftermarket parts, they are only “kind of” similar to the original part so there is no room for wear and tear that might arise from the use of the aftermarket component.

The idea of OEM parts being an investment is because of the longevity of the parts, meaning you could go through one or more aftermarket parts in the span of your printer’s lifespan which could end up costing you more over time. With OEM, you don’t have to worry about the parts breaking down and needing to be replaced more than anticipated for any specific piece of equipment.


When you purchase OEM printer parts, you’re also given access to the manufacturer’s support team, which is something you may not receive with aftermarket parts. This helps to ensure you can get your questions answered by someone who knows the printer and the parts, rather than someone who is only familiar with the part and might know information about the printer or copier.

Printers will always be needed in the office for faster and better productivity. Unfortunately, printers down the line do tend to become worn-out and will need to be repaired immediately. At FineStar Imaging, our printer repair service technicians are certified in repairing the most popular printer brands using the highest quality parts. Our purpose for your business is to extend the life of your printer, which in the end will save you time and money. If you’re a business that needs to have their printer repaired as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to call our printer repair service technicians at 1-800-458-6637 for immediate assistance.

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