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3 Things Businesses Should Ask a Copier Service Company

There are many copier service companies out there, but very few when it comes to servicing your copier properly and efficiently at the same time. For companies starting out, getting contact with a copier service company can be a very big decision. They should use their due diligence to find out what their options are, find out what kind of service the copier service company will provide, and find out what price they will pay if they ever do sign a contractual agreement.

Here Are 3 Things Businesses Should Ask a Copier Service Company:

  • Research to see that the company is reputable and has great reviews online. In addition, see if there are trained and experienced technicians that are part of that copier service company. Other companies may have only one or two trained professionals on their team so make sure you do your research in advance. At FineStar Imaging, all of our technicians are certified to fix any copier issues.
  • Research to find out what is the copier service company’s response time. When it comes to appointments, most copper companies have a 4 hour response time. In today’s age, all businesses are looking for other service companies to come to their location on time, especially to fix copier malfunctions. You should have no problems with our technicians coming to your establishment at the right time.
  • Research to see if your copier has certain guarantees. Look to see if you get a discount if a technician doesn’t show up on time. In addition, find out to see if you get some kind of refund or credit on your next service if the copier service company provided excellent customer service every step of the way.

At FineStar Imaging, we make sure that we have great communication with other businesses and that our technicians are punctual and accurate with their analysis. We always believe that we as a company can clearly explain a problem to our customers the issues they may be experienced when it comes to their copier.

If you’re ever in need of having your copier serviced, contact us immediately. Our certified technicians will provide you quality service in a timely manner.

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