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Why You Should Get a Service Plan for Your Printer

Printers are an important part of computing and a faulty printer can be an annoyance. Whether a printer fails as a result of normal wear and tear or manufacturing defects, repair costs can run high. The majority of printer companies only warranty the device for a certain amount of time. These warranties are often restricted to defects in workmanship and materials, and generally don’t cover issues due to normal wear and tear or power surges. FineStar offers affordable printer maintenance plans to help you lower the risks and costs associated with unexpected repairs or replacements.

Almost everyone has a car and understands the need for regular servicing such as oil changes, filter changes, brakes, tires, etc. But many are shocked when their printer breaks down after a few years and millions of cycles when they have never once performed any maintenance or had any service on the unit. Printers and copiers are a lot like your car or truck and require regular maintenance. Just like vehicles, printers are made of plastic and metal that will break over time and need to be replaced. We have streamlined the process from the time you realize your printer is down to getting a printer repair technician to your business.

Although we offer one-time repairs or “as-needed” services, we also provide an option for our customers to sign up for a service plan contract for printers, copiers, and multifunctional systems. Our maintenance contract serves as a safety net for your equipment. Printer and copier equipment require regular requires regular maintenance and periodical cleanings to help maintain your equipment at peak performance and efficiency. We provide both yearly and per month service contracts to keep your office equipment running smoothly.


The service plan contract includes scheduled maintenance for preventive measures as accumulated dust and dirt are the primary reasons for problems with copiers, printers, and multifunctional systems. Even problems that may seem like they have no correlation with dust and dirt such as overheating can be traced back to a gradual build-up of dust. Having a service plan contract with FineStar Imaging will give you priority service wait times as well as reduced printer downtime. Our printer maintenance contracts cover different types of printers and we will ensure minimal downtime by having certified printer repair technicians available to you at a moment’s notice.

You will never encounter hidden or surprise fees with our contract which will minimize future repair costs tremendously. We can assure you that by agreeing to one of our service plans, you will maximize the lifetime of your equipment. To learn more about how FineStar Imaging’s service contract can offer you, contact us today!

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