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Resolving Issues With Your Digital Printing Equipment

Digital printing technologies are continuously improving and adding versatile new features. Unfortunately, with these technological advancements comes new error messages and potential technical flaws. Some of these printing problems can be easily resolved without the need of outside help. But many of them cannot be properly fixed without the right tools, training, and experience. At FineStar Imaging & ReVitaLaser, our team of commercial printing experts can troubleshoot issues on all types of printing equipment, new or old, in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Solving Common Printing Problems

There are several commercial printing problems that seem to arise more often than other potential issues.

Paper Jams

At one time or another, we have all experienced the frustration associated with a paper jam. Sometimes paper jams can be resolved simply by gently pulling the jammed paper out of the printer. However, there are also many instances when the paper is jammed deeper within the printer’s machinery, requiring the printer to be meticulously taken apart to reach the rollers. And if paper jams are occurring excessively, the rollers may be worn down and in need of replacement.

At FineStar Imaging & ReVitaLaser, we carry a full line of OEM printer and copier parts. This ensures that if the rollers or any other aspect of your printer needs to be replaced, we install genuine replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.

Frustrated business man dealing with printer issues


Ghosting is when your printer successfully prints an image, however a lighter “ghost” version of the image also shows up on the paper. This may be due to a faulty power supply. But if you plug the printer into another electrical outlet and the problem still occurs, some of the more technical parts of your printer might need to be repaired or replaced. The commercial printing experts at FineStar Imaging & ReVitaLaser can pinpoint the issue and fix it effectively and affordably. Our break/fix repair service provides your business with onsite repair specialists that can diagnose and resolve any printing issue you are experiencing.

Printer ink smearing


Have you ever picked up a recently printed document and found ink from the paper smeared on your hands? Sometimes all this means is that your toner needs to be replaced. This could also mean that parts of your printer’s inner assembly require repair or replacement. At FineStar Imaging & ReVitaLaser, our team as the capability to solve your printing issue no matter the cause. We stock high quality toner cartridges from the most trusted names in the industry. And if your printer’s inner assembly needs to be looked at, our diagnostics and repair experts are here to help.

One Stop Printing Supply and Repair

FineStar Imaging & ReVitaLaser offers premium printing products at affordable prices while also being able to fulfill your maintenance and repair needs. We pride ourselves in giving businesses an all-in-one solution for cost effective document production. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can save your business both time and money.

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