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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Business Copier Repair Company

Just like any other equipment, like your car or even home appliances, copiers will tell you when it needs a business copier repair service. Maybe it’s flashing a warning that says it’s in need of repair or maybe it’s just not performing as well as it should be. You just need to listen to what it’s telling you or just know what to look for.

If it has moving parts, they need to be cleaned, checked, serviced, and maintained on a periodic basis so that they are in good working order. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to hire a business copier repair company to service your printers and copiers.

Call for Service Indicator

The simplest way to see if something is wrong with your printer is to check the machine, it may have a warning or error on its LCD display or screen. It may have a simple warning message like, “Call for service” along with an error code. If it does, then you need to do just that. Call the experts at FineStar Imaging to schedule a service call or even start a maintenance contract. Before you call, there is important information we will need from you, like the ID number or Model number of the printer or copier so we can provide you faster service.

Not Scanning or Copying

One very important part and feature of any business copier or multi-function printer is the scanner. The scanner is used not only for scanning paper documents and converting them into electronic files, but they use this same capability to create copies. Today’s copiers provide very fast scanning mechanisms and they all have a number of moving parts. This includes the gears and mechanism for feeding paper to the scanner and the scanner itself which is constantly moving to create an image of the original document. Some of the easy ways that you can determine you could be having issues with your scanner are:

  • Paper is jamming or misfeeding in the document tray.
  • The scanner head is not moving when making a copy.
  • The scanner head does not light up when scanning or copying.
  • The final output is not an exact duplicate of the original (copy or electronic file)
  • Your copies are blank, have poor color or contrast.

Pay Attention to Your Prints

Looking at the documents right when they come off the printer or copier is an easy way to identify potential problems with your business copier or printer. If you have noticed streaks or lines on your printouts, this could be a sign of a serious problem with your printer or copier. In some cases, it’s just a dirty scanner head that needs to be cleaned but you should call your business copier repair technician to be safe.

When your copies or prints are blank or they are all black, is another indication that you need to hire a business copier repair service. This could be something as simple as multiple pieces of paper are being grabbed and sent through the copier, or a driver issue printing separator pages which can be easily fixed. Either way, you’re going to need to service your printer or copier right away. This could be a complete waste of toner, especially if someone sends a large project to the printer.

You Keep Having to Replace the Toner Cartridge

If your printer or copier is going through toner faster than it should be with normal use, this could be a serious problem with your machine. When you’re spending more and more money each month to replace toner cartridges, it can be frustrating because toner isn’t cheap. This could be a sign of other problems or a complete mess because if that toner is not being outputted on your prints or copies, it must be collecting somewhere. So make sure you contact your business copier repair technician as soon as possible.

Features Have Stopped Working

One important thing most people don’t think about with their printers breaking is the software or firmware. This is the actual program that runs on your printer and on your computer so they can communicate with each other. Making sure these 2 work together properly is how you access all the functions of your printer or copier. So, if all of a sudden your copier or printer features stop working or aren’t working as they use to, then it’s possibly due to a software or firmware update. It is advised to test all of your copier’s current features right after a firmware or other software update. Doing this immediately after can save your organization time and resources than trying to troubleshoot or solving the issue after a while when you realize a feature isn’t working.

Every business and organization dreads copier service or repair. They expect copiers and printers to just work, and when they break down it can slow down the flow of your business. At FineStar Imaging, our business copier repair technicians are certified in repairing the most popular copier and printer brands using the highest quality parts. Our purpose for your business is to extend the life of your copier or printer, which in the end will save you time and money. If you’re a business that needs to have their printer repaired as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to call our printer repair service technicians at 1-800-458-6637 for immediate assistance. Don’t forget to ask about our service plans for copiers and printers to keep your business copiers running at peak performance.

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