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Recycle toner with Finestar

Recycling Toner Cartridges

Copier Technicians

Finestar Imaging is an environmentally conscious service company that retrieves empty OEM or compatible printer/copier toner cartridges, computers, printers, and faxes for recycling from your business organization to ensure a safe recycling and disassembly process as well as a safe disposal of electronic and metal products.

We collect, refurbish and resell used printers, copiers and fax machines. Re-using these machines saves landfill space and is a green act that reduces manufacturing pollution.

We have partnerships with companies that recycle computer components, some of which pose serious challenges to dispose safely and without harm to the environment.

In these current times, many are aware of the worldwide spread of pollution and the negative effects on the environment, the consciousness to recycle is high and should especially be important to whoever uses chemical products that must be recycled properly. Our everyday commitment to the environment is a top priority and is the basic understanding and importance we operate by.

Recycle your toner cartridges with FineStar; as with all our environmentally conscious services, we concentrate on reusing whatever is employable and recycling 100% of what is not.

Whether you have just a few printers with only a handful of toner cartridges, or hundreds, our Toner Recycling NYC program can find a solution that works for you.

Call our Copier Technicians in New Jersey today for supply quote, you can be confident that by doing business with FineStar the trees are greener and the air is more breathable for future generations.

Recycle toner cartridges
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