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Printer Repair NYC

Printer Repair NYC

If your business is located New York, New York City or New Jersey and you need repairs on your printer, copier, or multi-functional machine give us a call today. FineStar is New York's number 1 Repair and Service Center as we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Although FineStar is a proud business partner of HP, our services are specialized for for most if not all copiers, printers, and multi-functional products such as Dell, Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba, Panasonic, Xerox, Samsung, Sharp, and Muratec. Printer, copiers, and multi-functional machines are expensive investments but may last a lifetime. Replacing one these broken machines with a brand new one would be tremendously expensive as multi-functional machines can run as low as $300 and as high as $4,500 depending on model and functionality. A repair from us would cost just a fraction of this and your machine will be just as good as new after our services. Regardless of how large or small your business is, how intricate or simple your machine is, or what manufacturer your equipment is made from, we can fix it and satisfy your needs. At FineStar we offer the best service and expertise in the industry at an affordable price.

Our professional technicians are certified, well-trained, and have a great amount of factory experience. We assure you the highest quality repairs by using original manufacturers parts. Our on-site repair services are offered as an "as-needed" meaning that it is a one time repair as we bill you just for the materials and labor for that one fix. We also offer the option for a service plan contract, which we highly recommend. This contract essentially protects your investment in our services as it acts as a safety net for your equipment. With our yearly service contract, you will have priority service and there is no limit to the frequency or extent of the issue. Scheduled maintenance is also included in our service plan for preventive measures. Maintenance is important for printer, copiers, and multifunctional machines because periodical cleaning is necessary for quality operations as most if not all problems with these machines are due to accumulated dirt and dust. The biggest advantage of having our service plan is the relief of bypassing the initial steps of gathering and calculating costs, getting your machine approved before repair, and scheduling a onsite service. Instead, you can place a service call at any time for any reason and you will receive priority over the customers without a service contract. This small extra investment can extend your equipment's lifetime and end up saving you a fortune in the long run. This will save you money, time, and frustration!

Advancements in technology have created Multi-functional Products, also known as MFP's, for the convenience of people's business or personal reasons. Multifunctional products are capable of printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. There are a handful of benefits MFP's offer, especially for businesses. First and foremost it is notably cheaper, by approximately 20-40%, to have a multi-functional product that has the ability to perform the jobs of three separate machines that just print, copy, and fax individually. Because of this not only are multifunctional products cheaper, but they also take up 40-50% less space than the full assortment of single function products. Another benefit of using multifunctional products is that they are user friendly with the different functions easily integrated. This allows you to support, manage, and service fewer devices reducing the frequency and likelihood of human error when digitally sending documents.


Mutli-functional systems have the capability to not only print and scan documents, but also copy them in color or black and white. The user friendly technology allows you to digitally copy documents and reproduce as many copies as you need. Most multifunctional systems now have advanced capabilities to maximize resolution quality.


Multifunctional systems have the ability to print documents of all different sizes and shapes. Also, multifunctional systems offer a couple finishing features that standard laser or ink-jet printers do not such as stapling, booklet making, and three-hole punch.


Scanning has become a vital aspect of businesses as transferring documents has become a necessity. Faxing most often does not work for color documents so scanning allows you to make an electronic copy of any document, either in color or black and white. The convenience lies in the ability to scan to various location such as scan to email, scan to file, and scan to electronic document management just to name a few.


Although you may think scanning would eventually eliminate faxing altogether, that is not the case as fax volumes are surprisingly on the rise. Faxing in multifunctional products offers options that traditional fax machines do not such as inbound fax bounding, desktop faxing, and faxing directly to your electronic document management just to name a few.

Just about all printers, copiers, and multifunctional systems come with a one year warranty so if you are past that year, contact us today at (877)-978-2981 for a quote or visit us at 37-31 29th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101. We offer 10% off for new customers as well as a 90 day warranty on all parts and labor from our NYC printer repair company! Have your multifunctional system running flawlessly for a more enjoyable and less stressful working environment!