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Multifunction repair

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Today's answer for document creations without the high costs

HP MFCs to print, send, copy and fax

The combination of printing and copying has created Multifunction Products (MFPs) that print, copy, scan and fax - powerful systems that springboard process transformation.

HP Multifunction Products are designed for the way we do business in the 21st century - highly connected, highly productive and focused on the bottom line:

  • HP Multifunction products are 20-40% less expensive than the combined costs of single function products that print, copy and fax.
  • MFPs require 40-50% less floor space than the full compliment of single function products.
  • MFPs simplify the office environment by allowing the customer to manage, support and service fewer devices.
  • MFPs can print, copy, fax and digitally send documents - all with the reliability of HP.

MFPs combine four vital business tools:


In addition to printing and scanning color and black & white documents, all multifunction systems have the capability to copy. Using the latest digital copying technology, you can be assured that you will see the greatest quality reproduction with the ease of use you have come to demand. Most multifunction systems now provide advanced features such as scan-one–print-many functionality, job pre-scan, and increased ability to maximize the resolution quality from your color originals. Learn more


Multifunction systems allow for the printing of documents of varying sizes. Because multifunction devices are scalable, the volume that can be printed on these systems can also be scaled. The strongest benefits of multifunction systems over laser printers are lower costs and greater productivity. MFPs also utilize the same print engine that you have grown to value in laser jet printers. Moreover, these systems also feature finishing options not typically available in ink-jet or laser printers such as stapling, booklet-making, and three-hole punch. Learn more


Scanning documents has become a necessity for businesses of all types today. It is critical that businesses have the capability to convert their paper-based information into a readily transferable medium. Moreover, with the pervasiveness of color documents in our businesses today, faxing a document often will not work. With a multifunction system, creating an electronic document from paper-based information has never been easier… in color or black and white. One of the hallmarks of a multifunction system is its ability to scan to various locations. Some of these locations include scan to email, scan to file, scan to OCR (optical character recognition), and scan to electronic document management, in addition to many others. The ability to scan and save a document as a PDF, TIFF or mTIFF can provide you versatility in how you communicate with your documents. Learn more


It may be assumed that as scan to email capability rises, the need for faxing will decrease. Although this may be true in the years to come, fax volumes are currently on the rise as businesses are attempting to continue to provide technologies their customers require. Multifunction systems provide a multitude of options for faxing documents that a traditional fax machine may not offer. Options such as inbound fax routing, desktop faxing and faxing directly to your electronic document management system can provide an increased level of productivity that positively affects your bottom line. Learn more

To learn more about which systems can best improve your business, contact us today.

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