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Multifunction systems are excellent at printing documents of numerous dimensions. Multi-function products are also scalable - the volume that can be printed on these systems can be scaled to your need. The greatest advantages of multi-function devices are lower cost over time and greater productivity over most standard laser printers. In addition, these systems also provide time-saving finishing choices typically unavailable in ink-jet or laser printers including stapling, booklet making and three-hole punching.

Lower printing costs

Lower operating costs

Most multi-function devices feature considerably reduced operating expenses when compared with the majority of ink-jet and laser printers. Quite often the cartridge-based system of a laser printer will incorporate proprietary technologies that can cause an increased expense with regard to swapping toner and components. Higher-end multi-function products make use of independent toner cartridges and extremely durable replacement components which could considerably lessen the total cost of operation.

High performance output

Business operates today at a much faster pace than ever before. As a result, requiring your employees to wait for the output of any document can significantly hamper your office's productivity. Multifunction devices are designed to be scalable to include greater speeds and quality for both color and black & white output thus increasing your operational efficiency.

Unique finishing features

Most ink-jet and laser printers lack production level finishing options. This lack of production capability necessitates offline finishing which can decrease overall operational efficiency. Multifunction devices allow for the addition of production quality finishers that can offer such finishing options as offset stacking, multi-position stapling, booklet making, online bindery options and three-hold punching.

Multifunction systems versus printers

As with anything, there is the right tool for the job. Laser printers are ideally suited for small printing applications and low volume. Choosing a multifunction system over a printer requires the understanding of when it is the right tool. For very small print volumes over a long period of time, the higher toner and maintenance costs of a laser printer may be the right choice. More often than not, however, the low toner and maintenance costs of a multifunction system will provide a greater value for mid to high end printing applications. Because a multifunction system offers copying, printing scanning and faxing it can provide a greater value to your employees than a simple inkjet or laser printer.

What about color printing?

Today's world now works in color. Users that create content on their color monitors expect to print it out in color, which is driving an increased demand for color printing. Fortunately, there are new technologies that print color documents more cost-effectively and allow you to control color usage.

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