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Beyond printing and scanning black & white and color documents, multifunction systems have powerful copying capabilities. Using the latest digital Multifunction Copiers NYC technology will show you the greatest quality reproduction while being simple and quick to use.

Paper stack

Scan once / print multiple copies

Instead of requiring your document to be scanned over and over again in order to deliver multiple sets, the scan once - print many capability of multifunction systems allows you to scan the document only one time and produce multiple documents from that first and only scan. This is especially beneficial for large copy runs as you can have access to your original document immediately. Moreover, documents are printed as complete sets without the need of bulky stacking bins so you are no longer limited by the number of slots available in those bins.

Pre-scan your jobs

Because of the scan once - print many capability, you also have the capability of a job pre-scan. This enables you to scan multiple jobs ahead of time and the multifunction system will automatically print your document as the previous documents complete. You will no longer need to wait until the previous job is finished to start preparing your next job.

Preserve document color

In today's marketplace, color is critical in communicating key information. You may choose to print web pages, presentation or marketing material. Even word processing documents and spreadsheets utilize color to effectively communicate key information. You need colors that are printed correctly. No longer is color printing and copying a slow and costly proposition for your organization. The new multifunction systems provide you the means to produce color documents in a timely and cost effective manner. You can realize the benefits of color in your organization without causing strain on your budget.

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